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Here’s a concise statement of my stance in fat acceptance.

I’m all for people loving their bodies as they are, and I, in no way, believe that people should be stigmatized for how they look.

However, if you’re going to argue that there is no health issues caused by obesity/fatness, don’t even get me started, ‘cause you and I (and science and medicine) both know it’s wrong. 

Social issues aren’t supposed to be followed so blindly

And one of them that I get chastised a lot for not supporting is the issue involving fat/obesity acceptance. Don’t get me wrong - I do think that the society should move on from being so skinny/even anorexic-centric view of beauty to accepting of all kinds of different body shapes. It is important that people do not have their self-worth and self-esteem hurt because of how they look. This is coming from a person who has had body-image issues herself, who has grown up in a society in which thin was the only form of beautiful, skinny was the only acceptable form of body. Growing up in such a place, feeling as though I was a big, fat monster (at medium frame, 5’6”, 130, which turns out to be on the lower side of normal), I turned to extreme work-out and dieting. I was always so self-conscious, and from time to time, it still gets me when I’m in a crowd. But back to the point. What the fat/obesity acceptance movement does, contrary to what it’s supposed to do, seems more or less to be cultivating a fat/obesity acceptance attitude without action. What I mean by that is people accept their bodies as beautiful at no matter what size, but they accept it so well and so thoroughly that they do not really realize the health risks that come with obesity and being overweight. The Health at Every Size movement at first perplexed me with its name - it is impossible to be perfectly healthy with serious case of obesity. There are proven medical consequences of being fat or obese. It’s not supposed to be ignored. But many of those who follow this movement seem to not only accept their bodies as is, but also just settle at that. “Oh, I love my body the way it is, because as you can see, you can be Health[y] at Every Size.” And of course, if you look into the statement, physical activity plays a big role in this movement. It is not just “it’s okay to be fat” movement. It’s more about social acceptance of different body images, and supporting physically healthy lifestyle for everyone, skinny or normal or fat, not about “you can just go around criticizing those who suggest that you go for a walk or a run, because they’re implying that you’re fat and that’s not okay at all” mindset.
Really, there’s a difference between skinny and fit. While skinny shouldn’t be the centre of what beauty is, I kind of insist that fit is. Being fit is extremely important in healthy living, and (thankfully) doesn’t involve what size you are. Big or small, everyone can be fit. Health at Every Size might not be achievable, because human bodies can’t always maintain themselves to be physically healthy at every size, but fit at every size is very achievable with proper eating habits and exercise.
All in all, accept your bodies - don’t hate yourself for how you look. But push for better. Fitter. And ultimately, healthier.